The Sarasota Seahawks 10U lacrosse team recently achieved a remarkable triumph, securing a
thrilling victory at the highly anticipated 2023 Summer Faceoff Lacrosse Tournament on June
4th in Orlando. Battling against tough competition, the Seahawks showcased their unwavering
dedication, teamwork, and skill, ultimately emerging as the champions. With an undefeated run
throughout the tournament, this win marks the team’s third championship title in as many
tournaments played.

The path to victory for the 10U Seahawks was not without its challenges. In a nail-biting final
match against the PVAA Jaws from Ponte Vedra, the Seahawks demonstrated their resilience
and determination. The intense game ended in a tie, with Seahawks goalie Magnus Bonasera

making an incredible number of saves to keep the score level. As the clock ticked down, the
Seahawks found themselves in overtime, and it was here that their true mettle shone through.
The Seahawks’ success in the final moments of the game can be attributed to their impeccable
teamwork. Rocco Bellante’s tenacity in the face-off battle secured a crucial possession, allowing
lefty attackman Mason Carver to make a pivotal play. Carver seized the opportunity and scored
the game-winning goal, igniting a wave of jubilation among the team and their supporters.

The Sarasota Seahawks 10U lacrosse team’s triumph at the 2023 Summer Faceoff Lacrosse
Tournament is a testament to their commitment, teamwork, and unwavering love for the game.
From their unbeaten run in the 10U B bracket to their hard-fought victory over the PVAA Jaws in
overtime, the Seahawks have demonstrated their ability to rise to any challenge. With their third
tournament championship win in as many tournaments played, this group of Seahawks have
solidified their reputation as a competitive force in the Florida youth lacrosse scene.

The future looks bright for this talented group of young athletes as they continue to make waves in the
lacrosse world.