The Sarasota Seahawks 10U lacrosse team achieved an impressive victory at the highly anticipated Battle of the Bay tournament, held at GT Bray Park in Bradenton, FL on April 1st. Facing tough competition, the 10U Seahawks emerged triumphant, defeating the Wolves with a final score of 8 to 5. Their flawless performance in the silver bracket saw them go undefeated throughout the tournament, displaying their exceptional skills and determination.

The Seahawks faced a challenging start to the game, falling behind by three goals and enduring physical hits from the Wolves. However, they quickly regrouped and showcased their resilience. With strategic play and unwavering determination, the Seahawks executed a remarkable comeback. The team’s success was attributed to their dominance at the face-off X, precise ball movement, and capitalization on scoring opportunities.

Notably, Rocco Bellante’s stellar performance at face-off, coupled with Fletcher Albano’s exceptional wing play, provided the team with critical possessions. The attack line, led by Mason Carver and Franco Camut, effectively converted those possessions into crucial goals, propelling the Seahawks into the lead. Goalie Magnus Bonasera’s outstanding defense and the relentless efforts of Luke Flint and Landon Abeles in winning ground balls further solidified the team’s success.

The Sarasota Seahawks 10U lacrosse team’s triumph at the Battle of the Bay tournament serves as a testament to their talent, teamwork, and indomitable spirit. The players’ ability to overcome adversity, execute precision plays, and maintain a strong defensive presence ultimately secured their victory. The Seahawks’ outstanding performance in this tournament showcases their potential as they continue to develop their skills and strive for excellence on the lacrosse field.